Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I: Independence

Independence is a major theme in Across the Stars. After all, the whole point of the story is to gain independence from tyranny.

American independence is often referred to throughout the story. The characters use the American Declaration of Independence as a model for the Emarotian Declaration of Independence. They often draw parallels to and gain inspiration and insight from America’s struggle for independence.

The Emarotians’ plan is very similar to that of the American colonies. They are attempting to separate from the capitol and establish their own nation, free, and independent of the Emorian crown. Whether they succeed or not will have to be discovered from the book itself.

Liberty is something that is lacking today. As the federal government gains more and more power, they restrict our rights and take away our liberties. By bringing the history of American independence into Across the Stars, I am attempting to remind Americans of this nation’s heritage, and inspire them to fight to regain the rights that God gave to us. This nation needs to be reminded of liberty, to know what our founders did that we might be free, to fight for freedom so that America can be a shining light for the world once more. Maybe Emoria’s struggle for independence can help to do that.

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