Friday, June 21, 2013

K: King Jorrid

King Jorrid was a spoiled brat, a cruel man, and a wicked tyrant. The people of Emarot had always dreaded his rise to the throne, however, it was inevitable that one day he should be king. Jorrid’s father, Horrid, was a kind man who loved his people and always tried to help the less fortunate. Jorrid, however, did what benefitted him, even if it meant killing those opposed to him.

In the original draft of Across the Stars, Jorrid didn’t appear in person until near the end. He was often mentioned, but he was only actually in one scene. In the final version, he still only appears once in the Watson narrative, but appears multiple times in the parts about Anthony, Felix, and Hanna. Hanna and Felix have more direct contact with Jorrid than Anthony. Hanna cleaned his room when he was still a prince, and had several confrontations with him. Felix was brought by his father to see King Jorrid weekly, and also ended up having several confrontations.

What to do to King Jorrid posed a problem when I was writing Across the Stars. I wasn’t sure whether to kill him, lock him up, or exile him on some deserted planet. What actually happened to him, you will have to find out from the book.

I can’t say I like Jorrid, but he fills an important role in the story. After all, without him there would be no story.

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