Tuesday, June 25, 2013

M: Marian Walker

Marian Walker is Felix’s mother, and Andrew Walker’s wife. She is a good, Christian woman, and the reason Felix turned out so well. Her marriage was not happy; Andrew was a cruel man, who married her only because she had a large dowry. Marian led a miserable life for four years, until Felix was born, but she was a faithful wife, and constantly endeavored to share the Gospel with Andrew. Marian was a good mother, teaching Felix about God and the Bible, something which aggravated Andrew and King Jorrid. Though Andrew was cruel to her, Marian truly loved her husband. It was her greatest desire to see him accept Jesus as his savior.

Marian is not in the Watson narrative, for the simple reason that she died ten years earlier. (This is not really a spoiler because one of the first statements Felix makes mentions that his mother is dead.) She is, however, very important to Felix’s story. There wasn’t really much involved in developing her character. Felix needed a mother who would teach him the things he needed to know, and so that was what Marian became. Her backstory, what little I know of it, rather intrigues me, though. Perhaps someday I’ll write about it.

Marian’s story is rather a hard luck story, but I’m sure she would not want to be pitied. She was not that kind of person. To find out more about Marian, read Across the Stars.

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