Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Normal Stuff

. . . or normal for me. I realized my "About Me" page is almost entirely about writing, and while writing is important to me, it isn't my whole life. So if you'll bear with me, I'll tell you some normal, non-writing stuff about me.

I've lived in northwest Georgia my entire life. I live in a subdivision, but I really want to live in the country . . . still in northwest Georgia, but I would love to have lots of land, and farm animals. I have two younger sisters, and we have always been homeschooled. I love being homeschooled and I plan to homeschool my own children (once I have some, of course). We have a dog, a yellow lab named Sophie.

I danced ballet at a local Christian dance studio for six years. I did do a little bit of tap, jazz, and modern, but I always liked ballet best. When I was eleven I got to go on pointe. It didn't hurt, except a little bit at the end of the year when I started growing out of my shoes. I quit dance when I was twelve because it was starting to require too much time, and though I was sad about it at first, I'm really glad now that I quit.

One of the most major changes in my family's life came when I was eight. We got involved in politics. A family friend ran for State House, and we were a big part of the campaign. It was a hard campaign, the opponent was a thirty year incumbent, but it was a lot of fun. We've been involved in a lot of campaigns since then, and I really enjoy it, though I must say, stuffing envelopes is not my favorite part of a campaign. (As a side note, I plan someday to write a series about a girl whose dad runs for office.)

I think it was when I was about thirteen that I learned to sew. I'm very picky about clothes, and have a really hard time finding things at the store that I am willing to wear, so I make a lot of my own clothes. I use a lot of patterns from the thirties and forties. I've also designed a few dresses. What I wish I could find a reason to make is a fantasy/medieval style dress. I have made colonial dresses that we have worn in parades, and an 1860s ball gown that I wear to these Civil War balls we go to, but I have yet to find justification for a fantasy dress. I'm also interested in spinning and weaving. I have a drop spindle, and once I was able to use a spinning wheel. I don't think my smile left my face for the rest of the day. I've only seen a floor loom being used once, in Colonial Williamsburg, but I could have watched it all day.

I also love music. I love listening to film score, because I love orchestras. I have played the piano since I was little and have been playing the violin, my favorite instrument, since last year.

I am a Christian, and though I'm far from perfect and still sin constantly, I do try to glorify God in whatever I do.

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