Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trust Review

“I just can’t understand this, Elohim. When is any of it going to make sense? I really need You to guide me.”

Struggling to cope with the losses of battle, Makilien seeks to live each day in trust of Elohim’s plans. As the conflict of hope and reality war in her mind, a sudden arrival changes everything, bringing to light a new scheme wrought by the remnant of Zirtan’s men.

Finding herself witness to a shocking act of treachery, Makilien is thrust into the very center of the dangerous plans. Trust is something she must give carefully as those who appear trustworthy fail even as those she would least expect could hold the key to success. Can she and those around her secure their safety and freedom or will they find themselves outwitted by their enemy’s final act of dominance?
--From Molly Evangeline's Website


Trust is my favorite book in the Makilien Trilogy, and probably my favorite of all Molly Evangeline's books. It's just that good. Unfortunately, I can't say much about the plot without giving away major spoilers, but it is very different from the other two, and really exciting. The title comes into play a lot as Makilien has to trust that Elohim knows best and has a plan for everything.

Trust is a very emotional and intense book, and one I love dearly. In fact, since I bought it in May, I have probably read the climax about five times, despite having an abundance of other reading material. One bad thing: when you come to the end, it's over. There is no book four in the Makilien Trilogy (though of course, if there was it couldn't be a trilogy anymore). Even though the ending is the end, it is a fairly satisfactory ending . . . but I can't say any more about it because it would totally give away the story.

I definitely recommend this book, though I do recommend reading Truth and Courage first. I'm really looking forward to more books from Molly!

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