Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Characters of Creighton Hill

Creighton Hill has gone through enormous changes since my original idea. The big non plot related change is in the structure. Originally it was supposed to be one book. Then I changed it to two. Now I think it is going to be three. This change in structure I think will be final, since it seems to have solved the structure related problems I was having. And the trilogy will be called:
Time Captives
Book One is still Creighton Hill, and I will today introduce you to some of the characters from it.
Joey Hubbard is the current protagonist, though in earlier drafts he wasn't. He is ten years old, likes to be crazy, and always has a response . . . not always a nice one.

Allan Hubbard is Joey's older brother. He is chivalrous and gentlemanly.

Jill Hubbard is one of Joey's older sisters. She is eleven, and is really nice. She is scared of a lot of things, though.

Emily Hubbard is their oldest sister. She is fourteen and she acts like it. She really is a typical teenager, which really aggravates her siblings.

Peetur is a kalican who accompanies the Hubbards on their journey through Calhortea.

George Hubbard is from 1800. He disappeared from Creighton Hill when he was twelve years old. There are nine other Hubbards from history as well: Abigail, Thomas, Mary, Theodore, Samantha, Calvin, Eleanor, Jonathan, and Bethany.

Toarna is the main villain. She is a stryte, and the queen of Calhortz.

Captain Jeremy Herb is a pirate captain.

There are many other characters in the series, but these are the primary ones at this point.


  1. Wow, such a lot of characters to keep track of! I can't wait to read this. :)

    1. There are a lot of characters, and the elves and my favorite character Adriel won't even come in until the next book! Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into adding so many characters.

  2. Large casts are fun because each person adds something special. How long are these books going to be? Because it sounds like these characters are all going to need a lot of room!


    1. I'm really not sure yet how long they will be. My rewrite of the first book is currently at about 16,000 something words, and I'm maybe half done, but it keeps on expanding. The older Hubbards are a big problem for me since there's just so many, but I'm trying to delve deeper into who they all are.


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