Monday, April 13, 2015

A Little Bit of Life

This has been a week. A crazy one, for sure. The main thing that happened, well, I'm not going to give any details because one: They aren't firmed up, and two: I'm not the sort of person who likes posting personal things on the internet. So suffice it to say that we want to move closer to church and music things and friends and stuff, and that has made this week super crazy, and, yeah. My church friends know what I'm talking about, and probably all my complaints about timing too.

So instead, let me show you a new love of mine:
I saw it yesterday for the first time, live on stage, and it was AMAZING! A few friends of mine were playing in the orchestra for it, and I went with some other friends to go see it. The acting was fantastic, the singing was amazing, the musicians were fabulous, the costumes were terrific...I knew little of the story before going to the play, so it was all new to me. I now have the movie on hold at the library because my family just has to see it. It was previews for the movie that first piqued my curiosity for Into the Woods, because I saw James Corden aka Craig in them. And I like Craig. He may be starting to look like his sofa, but he blew up the cybermen with love, so I think (I know) I really want to see him play the Baker. Because Into the Woods is fantabulous! What was interesting about this performance was that I found out behind the scenes stuff afterwards from my friends. Apparently they had a mishap with the hen that lays golden eggs, it fell over, but they covered so incredibly well, I wouldn't have known it wasn't supposed to happen that way if my friend hadn't said so.

In other news, since Creighton Hill is out with beta readers, my sister and I had a writing competition to see which of us could write the most words this past week. She beat me by 1,533 words, but since I wrote 7,589 words in the Cassie story with a sore arm and a cold, which equates to more than an eighth of the book, I'm happy. Except for the doing an extra day of dishes part. Because we had to have an actual incentive to write other than the glory of winning, right? But because I got some feedback on Creighton Hill and the cover reveal is over and recent developments have sort of increased the stress level for this publishing, I probably won't be able to focus on Cassie for a little while. And it might be interesting to note that my sister burst out laughing when she read the part where the main guy, Luke Winston, mentioned texting his copilot, Cassie, to tell her when he would need her back in the cockpit. See, I cast Bradley James as Luke on my Pinterest board, and I do have to admit it is rather funny to think of Prince/King Arthur texting. :)

And I've been watching Green Gables Fables. It's a modernized Anne of Green Gables video blog webseries, and my friend Katelyn assumes full blame for getting me and our friend Ashley addicted to it. Now, I'm not a big fan of modernizations as a general rule, and there are certainly things I don't like (like Diana living over an hour away rather than just across the Haunted Wood), but all in all, I like GGF a lot. They have the characters down pat, and I finally saw Gilbert a few days ago! The other night, GGF inspired me to revisit favorite moments in my L. M. Montgomerys, which includes certain chapters in Emily Climbs, and caused me to rediscover this gem of a description in Anne of the Island.
L. M. Montgomery has such a way with words. I'm envious, and now I want to go and read all the books in the house that she wrote just to soak in the loveliness.

And if you're wondering why I had a sore arm, I slipped on the mud and pinestraw a little over a week ago trying to push the lawn mower up the hill (it was off) and banged my arm on the handle, falling on it with pretty much my whole weight. Once the first pain wore off, it didn't really hurt much, but we think I hit a nerve because it made my arm tingly and weak for awhile. It's on the mend and our writing contest kept me from babying it, as I'm prone to do, so, even though it's a bit sore now, I should be able to play in my first orchestra concert a week from tonight.

Ta ta for now! Alons-y!


  1. So glad we got to see "Into the Woods" together!! Can't wait to see what your family thinks, too.

    Ahhh, GGF. I'm still not sorry I introduced you and Ashley to it. It's fun to discover new blogs with other people. Now I'm waiting on Season 2…...

    1. I'm glad we did too. I LOVED Into the Woods. But I've been banned from talking/singing/quoting anything Into the Woods until we watch the movie because my sisters are so anti-spoiler. :(

      GGF...I know you're not sorry. :)


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