Monday, April 20, 2015

Creighton Hill is Coming Soon!

The release date is approaching quickly! It's less than two months away now. I have some beta reader feedback already that I've applied to the book, just minor things but minor things that make it SOOO much better. I should have the rest of my feedback by the end of the week, which means I can finish applying it, send it to my proofreaders and prepare ARCs for those reviewing Creighton Hill for the blog tour. And I can start formatting! Strangely enough, I actually like formatting. After all, it means I can listen to musicals (*cough* Phantom of the Opera and Into the Woods, as if I haven't listened to them enough already). And speaking of ARCs and blog tours...

You are more than welcome to be a part of it. I still have plenty of spots left. Just sign up with the above form and I'll put you on the schedule. I'll probably leave the form up through mid May, but I'm planning on sending out the tentative schedule in early May, so if you want to actually get the post and posting date you want, I recommend signing up by the end of April. Plus, um, remember what I said last week about wanting to move and things happening with that and stuff? Well, it all lines up badly with my release date (hey, I scheduled my thing first!) so I need to have everything done in advance.

But I'm super excited about doing a blog tour. I've never done one for one of my books before. It's going to be amazing! I hope, anyway. At least the book is great from what my betas have said. I'm too closely connected to know myself, plus being biased both for and against it :P, but I have received a lot of good feedback from beta readers who are already anxious to move on to The Crossways. Because friends get to read however many of them they want. Others have to wait for release. Muahaha. But really, I haven't heard anyone say they hate Time Captives, well, except me when I was stuck and my characters were making it feel like pulling teeth to write it (and me pulling teeth...don't ask, mouth pain is terror inducing). Everyone else seems to love the book tremendously. And I love it now too, though I love book 2 more. That's when My Precious comes in, and My Other Precious gets to have her story told.

So gear up for the release on June 8th! Help spread the word by signing up for the blog tour! And when you get to the end of book one, try to get to be one of my good friends or wait in agony for late Fall. AGONYYYY!!! (You know nothing of madness, till you're climbing her hair.), sorry, Into the Woods is too amazing not to.


  1. "My Precious"

    Your Precious? Goodness gracious, I had no idea you felt so strongly about those two...I guess it's no surprise, though, considering they're the two with the worst lives...

    An author can't help wondering why it always works like that...

    1. I told you Adriel and Eleanor were My Precious and My other Precious. Don't act so surprised. :) Their horrible lives make me want to hold them tight and tell them it'll all be okay. Though I'm not entirely sure I can make that promise to a certain one of them...


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