Friday, September 2, 2016

Rainland Review Thomas gets caught in a summer storm, he is sucked into the world of raindrops through a tornado. He learns he will not be allowed to return until he can defeat the lightning, which has been hurling raindrops from the clouds. Many adventures await him in this strange land. Is everything just as the raindrops say it will be? Is it the lightning they need to defend themselves against, or is there a much greater foe behind the disturbing disappearances?


Rainland was a fun little book, a quick read, and quite enjoyable. It's great for kids: squeaky clean, not too long, imaginative, exciting, and even teaches a bit about the water cycle. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was younger, but even at age 20, I did enjoy it quite a bit.

The worldbuilding was fascinating, and quite imaginative. Basically, raindrops, lightning, and fire are all people. They have their individual kingdoms, but Rainland is under attack from the lightning. Whenever lightning strikes Rainland, the water falls, and many of them are not able to come back to Rainland.

It was fairly well written. The writing style is somewhat old fashioned, and those who know me know I love old fashioned writing. :) 

As far as character development goes, I would have liked to get in Thomas's head a little more, find out who he is inside, but it's not a very long book, so there wasn't really time for it. For what space there was in all the action, the characters were fairly well developed.

Rainland was a fun, quick read, and I would recommend it, especially for kids.

About the Author
Sarah is a homeschool graduate who enjoys using her imagination to write fiction. She is working on a degree in theology and hopes to eventually work in the church. She also enjoys umpiring baseball, writing devotions and Bible studies, reading fiction, and playing the guitar.


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