Monday, March 27, 2017

Introducing Matthew

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Matthew is my super fun guy. (Don't mind me, I've just been watching too much Scorpion lately. ;) ) He's an interesting character to work with, my comic relief, and the most fun character in the book.

Conception of the Character

I'm sure you can guess that Matthew is not original to Twisted Dreams. But what you might not guess is that he's not exactly original to me. Matthew came into being when my sisters convinced me that Will and Liesel's kids needed Matt Smith as an uncle. It took them awhile, but finally I caved and added him to my Pinterest board. At first, I intended to eventually remove him from the story, but as I wrote scenes involving him and the kids, I realized my sisters were absolutely right.

His name came straight from the actor. I tried to come up with another name for the character--something German, for instance--but I couldn't separate him from the name Matthew, so I went with it

Character History

Matthew is the younger brother of Prince Wilhelm in both worlds. Their father is the king and their mother is dead. Matthew is accompanying Will on his quest to rescue the princess, helping to move the quest forward and make it work, and just being an all round goof. But he does know what he's about, and can actually make significant progress on the quest, even if he's not always, um, not usually totally serious.


Matthew's personality spring-boarded from--you guessed it--the Eleventh Doctor. He developed into his own person, but I still kept Matt Smith's personality and mannerisms in mind. He's adventurous and somewhat reckless, but he's smart and knows random things that turn out to be relevant. He likes to act immature--for instance, he still slides down banisters at age 17--but he's personable and relatable, and doesn't mind having a normal conversation with a servant. Matthew likes to be the family clown. He says things just to be goofy, and so keeps things light even when they are dire, yet knows when it's time to be serious. He's the non-twitterpated one in the trio, and he's a great character to work with.

What do you think of Matthew? Which character of the main trio do you think you'll like the best?

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  1. Your casting picture for Matthew is PERFECT! Great job!!


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