Monday, May 1, 2017

The End of Camp NaNo 2017

Aaaaand that's a wrap! NaNo's completed, won, I've got the first four chapters of a new book, and now I have to keep up my momentum so I can actually finish this book. 

It's rather different having a page count goal than a word count goal, but I think I like it better that way. I get less obsessed with stats. And I tend to get very obsessed with stats. Curse of the overly-analytical side of my brain. In keeping with the subject of stats, here's my final graph.

Vannie's been quite have all the characters, really. It's fun to explore who they've become as they grow up, to see what things have changed, what things are still the same. I've met new characters, created new Briznomian traditions, and explored new storylines. I'm becoming convinced that I love to create traditions specifically to make Vannie's life harder. Poor girl. Her attitude needs a LOT of work, though. I can't say I blame her, considering the circumstances, but still. Here's the book's Pinterest board, if you care to see.

One last NaNo snippet:

     "Why do they have to keep pushing me at him?" I demanded. "Can't they at least let me have the political side of my life be Kermit free? I can't even go visit Stipland without him?"
     "You are technically supposed to be marrying him in four months," Kyle pointed out. I wanted to tell him to shut it on that subject, but I bit my tongue. "And if the wedding does happen, politics will have to include you both together, as distasteful as it is for both of you."
     I opened my mouth to speak, but Kyle cut me off.
     "Vannie, try to forget you're stuck marrying him, and try to give him a chance as a person. Just for this trip. You may find that he surprises you."
     "I've known him my whole life; I think I know him pretty--"
     "You've known him through your extreme prejudice against him. That is not a clear picture. Don't view him as a loathed fiance. View him as a cousin. Just for the next few days."

Over the course of the month, I wrote

In the church parking lot
At our campsite on Skidaway Island
In the car on the way to Skidaway Island
At the dining room table
In my bedroom
On the front porch
On the back porch
At the GOP District convention

NaNo may be over, but the book isn't, so here's to another month and a half of Vannie, Kyle, and Kermit!

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