Monday, November 16, 2020

NaNo Update


Yeah, I was definitely crazy to think I could pull this off. But hey, I'm 6 chapters ahead of where I was before, which puts me closer to the end of this draft. And maybe, just maybe, I'll somehow pull it out and finish draft 2 of Acktorek 2: The Vanished by the end of the month.

Honestly, I'm still not super happy with it. The plot is solidifying itself, but Emma's back to her shutting-me-out antics. 😛 Oh, Emma. Mitchell's fine, but since most of the emotional aspect of this book plays off of Emma, it's a roller coaster, and not in a good way. But this is why I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until I get it right. And hopefully it won't take too many more drafts before it's right and y'all can continue Emma and Mitchell's story!

Now off to get more words...


  1. Aw, you go girl! You're doing great!!

  2. You're doing great!!! ^_^

    Aww, I hope Emma starts talking to you again soon! ;)


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