Monday, April 21, 2014

A Hobbit Tradition: A Birthday Gift Coupon

My eighteenth birthday is this week, which, to be honest, is a little scary, as I will be an adult. I don't bring it up because I want everyone to tell me "Happy Birthday" or anything like that, because I never know how to respond anyhow, but because I want to make my own twist on a hobbit tradition.

As readers of The Lord of the Rings know, hobbits give gifts on their own birthday. All the ones Bilbo gave had a meaning to them, like the bookshelf to the hobbit that was good at borrowing books and worse than usual at returning them, and the silver spoons to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. What I'm planning has a sort of meaning, though not quite like Bilbo's. It has to do with it being my 18th birthday.

Also, because I'm not rich (I haven't got any dragon treasure), I can't give away endless copies of paperback books. I've probably given away about as many as I've sold. But what I can do is give away a special coupon code for purchase of my books through CreateSpace.

Because I'm turning eighteen this week, this coupon is for 18% off. And, since a person only turns eighteen once, this coupon will only work for a limited time. It will be available until next Monday, the 28th.

Here is the 18% off code:
Remember, it's for use through CreateSpace, through the 28th.

And as a final note, Happy Birthday to anyone else who has a birthday this week, and for everyone else, "A very merry unbirthday to you!"

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