Friday, November 29, 2013

Indie Booksale and Christmas Sale

Merry Christmas! The first of my Christmas sales starts today. First off, my Kindle books are $0.99 through December 30. I am also participating in an indie author paperback sale that runs from today through Tuesday, December 3rd. There are coupon codes below, and links to where you can get the discount. It's a great opportunity to save some money on Christmas shopping!
Melody Valadez
                                    DQTR44VX (20% off)
            Those Who Trespass:

Faith Blum
                                  93LQLRJ8 (10% off)
            A Mighty Fortress:

Marilynn Dawson
                                 MU73RQR (10% off)
            Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate:
            Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey: Volume One Volume Two Volume Three Volume Four Volume Five Volume Six Leader's Guide

Molly Evangeline

Kelsey Bryant
                                    YFY84GHU (20% off)
            Family Reunion:

Christina & Melody Grubb

Aubrey Hansen
                                    D6PH5HAT (20% off)
            Peter's Angel:
            Red Rain:

Morgan Huneke
                                    BX6RV6SK (20% off)
            Across the Stars:
            The Experiment:

Vicki Lucas
            Toxic: (Discounted to $10 through Paypal)

J. Grace Pennington
                                    9L3ES8RT (20% off)
            Firmament: Radialloy:
            Firmament: In His Image:

Jordan Smith
                                    5PC4QW6S (20% off)
            Finding the Core of Your Story:
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