Friday, May 23, 2014

Resistance is Here!

Finally, my friend Jaye L. Knight's new book Resistance is available! I know I said in the cover reveal how much I like the book, but I have to say again, Resistance is awesome, and well worth reading.

And we have Prince Daniel here as a special guest. Daniel is the son of Emperor Daican and a character I love more with every new thing I learn about him. Meet him here, and then read Resistance to find out even more about him and the characters surrounding him. It is an exciting adventure you won't want to miss!

1. When did you and your father first find yourselves at odds with each other, and why?

*smiles charmingly* Interesting first question. I suppose that’s what everyone wonders when they first meet my family. It seemed to start when I was a young teen and my father began specifically grooming me to assume the throne someday, which is normal in a royal family, but my father is ridiculously dogmatic about how he wants me to rule. He has the entire future, including mine, all planned out to fit in with how he sees our family legacy. I’d rather create my own future. Turns out you don’t have that kind of freedom when you’re a prince. Not when you have a controlling father like mine who only cares about his own plans and is unwilling to make any sort of compromises.

2. What was your first impression of Kyrin?

Honestly, I was too focused on my father to notice her much at first. I did hear about her and her abilities and that was intriguing, though I wondered if she would take herself and her position too seriously. When I finally did meet and talk to her, I was pleasantly surprised. She wasn’t what I was expecting. Actually, she wasn’t like anyone else at the palace. She seemed to genuinely listen and care when I talked. People always indulge me because I’m the prince, but won’t offer any real sympathy or encouragement since they’re so devoted to my father and wouldn’t dare criticize him. Kyrin seemed more sincere.

3. Who do you look up to most?

I can’t really say there is anyone. *shrugs* As I said, people indulge me, and most who surround me at the palace are only interested in remaining in my good graces for their own benefit. Sir Aric, my father’s head of security, is a good man, though I must admit I don’t make it particularly easy for him to ensure my safety when I’m out and about. I also like Sam, the talcrin scholar at Tarvin Hall, but I never go there or spend a lot of time in libraries, so I don’t see him much. I like the common people. *lowers voice secretively* Hopefully no one will leak this information back to my father, but I like to disguise myself and mingle with them. It’s the only time I can interact with them normally. There seem to be better men among them than in my father’s circles.

4. What are you most afraid of?

Being forced to live and rule like my father. He’s too hard and set in his ways. I’d much rather leave a life of royalty behind than be a ruler like him. Sometimes I think I’ll go mad with the way he always pushes me. If his moon gods are real, they made a huge mistake in having me born into this family. I can’t be confined to this sort of life.

5. What’s your favorite color?

Green. My father hates it. *smirks* I like to wear it around him whenever I can.

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  1. I'm so glad you got to interview Daniel and ask the questions you did! :D I think it's one of the biggest things responsible how his story has been developed lately. It's awesome!

    1. I was glad to interview him. It's an honor to be a part of developing his story, and I can't wait to see what happens next to him and all the others!

  2. Insightful interview! Daniel is quite the character. ;) Exciting to hear that his story is continuing to develop further in the series!

    Thank you for featuring Daniel and being part of the tour, Morgan. :)


    1. You're welcome. It was fun to find out more about Daniel. :)

  3. I really like Prince Daniel :) He's a very interesting character.

  4. Prince Daniel seems to go out of his way to annoy his father.


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