Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"You have a little shop. I love a little shop!"

I have an announcement to make. From the title you might guess: I have a little shop. To be more clear, I now have an Etsy shop. It is called Shire Stitches and I have baby and little girl clothes listed on it. And I have a website for it that has a little more info on it than my Etsy page does. Here's what my website looks like, and those are the items I currently have listed. More will be on the way.
The biggest dress in the middle is one that my five year old cousin really liked. When she saw a picture she said, "It's beautiful! It's my dress." This dress was too small for her, but I made a special trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up more fabric to make her one, that she loves. When she put it on, she kept looking at herself in the mirror.

If you are interested in any of the above outfits, head over to Shire Stitches on Etsy. Feel free to share this post wherever! I won't mind. :)

Yes, I know I've named two things "Shire" lately, but the street we live on is --shire Drive (I can be like the classic authors too), and so when we watched and read Lord of the Rings, it became our joke that we live in the Shire. And the post title is a quote from the Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, Series 3, Episode 1, "Smith and Jones." It keeps running through my head whenever I think of a little shop, so I couldn't help using it. So many words and phrases have joined "precious" as tainted by stories, like "precision of language."

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