Monday, March 23, 2015

The Music of Time Captives

I started Time Captives without music. When I was at St. George Island on vacation in May of 2013, I remembered how hard it had been to write Across the Stars without the Voyage of the Dawn Treader soundtrack. So I turned it on. I sat on the porch of a rented vacation home listening to Narnia and trying desperately to write about the Hubbards in the dungeon. Turns out, Narnia just wasn't right for Time Captives. However, I want to share with you what did work.

The one I used the most for quite a long time was The Hunger Games. Since there's gladiator inspired stuff in that story and there are some things about gladiators in mine, it worked. I started listening to it when I started writing about Adriel. I added Catching Fire, and it became my go-to playlist when writing Time Captives.

I started a Spotify account in the summer of 2014, for the sole purpose of being able to listen to Doctor Who music. And know what? I could write to it too. Much of Time Captives and Espionage came to be during Doctor Who music. At first it was a little difficult to focus on writing rather than the awesome music, but as I started getting to know all ten albums by heart, it became the perfect background music.

Still waiting for the Series 8 soundtrack though. My favorite would have to be The Day of the Doctor. It's such a brilliant mix of all the New Who music, plus something more. I admit, it was a bit of a distraction at first, but I got to know it well, and so then it wasn't anymore.

Of course, there were still times of procrastination like when this happened.

The Giver also had to join my list because it is amazing music and I love it to bits. Espionage spent the portion of its time that it wasn't set to Doctor Who with The Giver. I probably did listen to this too much, because my sister started getting annoyed when I would turn it on, even if I was listening to it by myself, because I would then hum it for the rest of the day. I listen to it constantly for my Cassie story too.

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, The Piano Guys, The Phantom of the Opera, and Disney songs have also made an appearance, as have Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, but they are small appearances in comparison. I don't recommend Disney music for writing. Far too distracting. Like, zero writing, all singing.

There's more great music out there that I'm still discovering, like Merlin
which inspires my editing and Storyless Storyboard Story. Music is an important part of writing for me, and, being an aspiring musician myself, I love it for being amazing music just as much as for helping me focus on writing. Film score is, in short, fantastic.


  1. I really like your "About Me" section. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I would love to hear from you.

    1. I'm glad you like it. I'd like to get to know you.


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