Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pre-order Creighton Hill on Kindle!

*throws confetti* Creighton Hill is available for pre-order on kindle! This is the first book I've released since KDP added the pre-order feature, so it's exciting to be able to offer a book for pre-order for the very first time. So you can go ahead and buy it for only $2.99, and it will be automatically delivered to your kindle on June 8th. How cool is that?

As much as I'd like to offer the same exact thing for the paperback, CreateSpace doesn't work that way, so there can't be any day of deliveries on the paperback. However, I do have a compromise as I went ahead and set up the PayPal button for signed copies and put it on my website this morning. So if you want, you can order your signed copy now, and I will send it to you ASAP when I get my first shipment, which I will order as soon as I click publish on June 8th.

Speaking of paperbacks...


I got my first proof last week! Doesn't it look amazing? I'm not entirely happy with the shade of green underneath the back cover text and the top margins ended up a little too small, so new proof it is, but I'm confident I can get out of this one with less proofs than The Experiment. I love the matte finish on the cover, the cream pages look amazing, and they appear to be using a thinner paper that looks more like that of a traditionally published book, and it's just so super cool to be able to hold it in my hands. It's a real book!


  1. This is awesome!!! Congrats! It's so exciting to get the proof copy!!

  2. Ahhhh! *jealous* You're so blessed! As I've said before, I can't wait to hold a copy of my book!!!!!!!! I would love to read Creighton Hill :) It looks really good!

    1. Thanks! Publishing is an exciting process. I hope you get to read Creighton Hill and that you like it. :)


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