Friday, November 6, 2015

The Bedtime Movie Tag

Since my socks are...used to be...white, I considered myself tagged when I read Ashley's Bedtime Movie Tag post. Tags are fun, I think anyways, so here goes.

"Hey, I didn't want to fall in love with you and I hate your family, but will you marry me?" "Uh, how about no."
1. A movie that kept you up all night
It wasn't quite all night, but the first time I watched Pride and Prejudice (1995), it did take a significant portion of it. All the guys in our circle of friends had gone to camp at a race, so all the girls got together to watch Pride and Prejudice. And the guys all called in the middle of Mr. Darcy's first proposal. So we woke them up when we got to the end. ;)

I blame this guy for that sleeplessness.

2. A movie that made you scared to sleep
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I slept very little after I watched that movie for the first time, and when I did, my dreams were full of blood and ripped out hearts. It was awful. And I made it worse by reading a kids' Star Wars book that took place on a creepy Sith planet. I was also scared to sleep after watching Sherlock, but that was because I was sick and having sick dreams that were basically a black and white BBC logo taunting me all night.

3. A movie that made you go to sleep
I usually only fall asleep during movies if I'm sick. So I've slept through Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and God's Not Dead for sure because of that, and I'm sure others. Aside from that, I slept through a significant portion of Saints and Soldiers. I was tired and I wasn't really following it, so I fell asleep. I did the same with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this summer too. I guess I was unusually tired this summer.

4. A movie that left you tossing and turning all night in anticipation of its release
You know, I don't think this has ever happened to me. I don't get sleepless excited over movie premieres. I do over Disney trips, though...
The plot twist that sunk OUAT

5. Your dream boyfriend/girlfriend ship of two separate movies
I ship uncanon ships enough without setting myself up for failure this way (can you say Swanfire?), and, well, I don't get shipping characters from separate stories. How are they ever even supposed to meet?

6. A movie that would be your worst nightmare to live in
The obvious choice would be something like The Hunger Games, but you know, I think I could handle fighting against an evil government. I don't think I could handle all the skeletons and snakes and rats and creepy villains and underground places where you could find just about anything that I'd have to encounter in any Indiana Jones movie. I mean, I like Indy and all, though my sisters would have to tell you that I complain about that point when you're still waiting for the climax to happen in the latter half of the movie when I always manage to get bored, but I couldn't handle going on one of his adventures. I'd far rather face off aliens with the Doctor.

7. A movie that reminds you of nighttime
We mostly watch movies at night, but I'm going to say Lord of the Rings because last time we watched FOTR, we turned off all the lights. Not sure it was such a good idea to introduce our friend to LOTR in pitch darkness, but hey, she wanted them off.
This is going to be horrible

8. A movie that has a nightmarish cliffhanger
I'm just going to go with the obvious Mockingjay Part 1 here, because I'm drawing a blank on any others. I honestly thought they'd cut it a few minutes sooner, when Katniss blacked out, but it's still a cliffhanger. I, um, know someone who reacted quite audibly in the theater to it.

9. A movie you actually dreamed about
My official answer is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, since I dreamed I was in it. I was in place of Lucy at Deathwater Island, and Caspian and Edmund forgot to fight. I've also dreamed about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, including being on set, been chased by Darth Vader multiple times and used the Force, seen various Doctors, and seen Spock, ridden horses down the interstate with Jeffrey Jones and Phineas Bogg, and gotten shot by Jack Sparrow. Don't worry, he didn't shoot me with bullets. Ice chips were coming out of his gun.

10. A movie monster you would not want to find under your bed
Sure, these things are technically from a TV show, but close enough. They're the Silence. Super creepy, and you don't even...wait, what was I talking about? I can't remember. Movie monsters? I don't remember picking one...

If you can hear music while you're reading this (siblings practicing their instruments count), consider yourself tagged. Comment with the link to your answers, I'd love to see them!


  1. I feel like I'm one of the only ones around the blogosphere who HASN'T watched/read Pride and Prejudice. *sigh* My mom and I are planning a movie night together soon when my dad and sister are gone since they prefer the action type movies. I'm excited. :D

    1. It's pretty good, but I like Dickens better. It's the only Jane Austen I've actually read, since I quit Emma. I like P&P fairly well, '95 version, even though it is 5 hours long. I haven't seen the '05 one, not entirely sure I want to. I'm kind of curious because I think the cast would amuse me, but it doesn't seem like it would be an authentic period drama.


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