Monday, January 11, 2016

Introducing Kyle

Last week, I introduced the protagonist and narrator of Espionage, Vannie Cumberland. This week I want to introduce the main boy, and another one of my favorites: Kyle Roland.

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Just the Facts

Kyle Graham Roland is the only son of Sir Roland, Sir Cumberland's political arch enemy. He is twelve years old. I haven't picked an exact birthday, but it's significantly earlier in the year than Vannie's, as hers is at the end of November. At age four, he was betrothed to a girl of undetermined relation named Rosie. She was an infant at the time. Rosie makes no "onscreen" appearance in this book, but she's a sweet girl, rather mousy, yet not exactly what Kyle would look for in a wife if he had the opportunity to choose.

Side note: Kyle and Vannie are among my only characters to have their full names stated within the text of the book. Felix Walker's is stated at his birth, but he is the only character thus far (published books, my Sleeping Beauty also has hers stated) to share this distinct honor. Most of my characters don't even have middle names.

Kyle's parents have very little interest in their son. He was raised primarily by servants (nurses, governesses, tutors), which, considering the nature of his parents, allowed him to become a much better person than he otherwise would have. He has never been to Court and, despite being the heir to the title of Vassal Lord, knows little of the workings. He does, however, know much of his father's enmity with Sir Cumberland, for he has often heard his father's tirades, which sometimes go off on Vannie as well.

Kyle's Personality and Interests

Kyle is a quiet sort. Unlike Vannie, he processes things internally in a logical manner, very levelheaded. He's not really in the habit of letting people know how he feels. He is quite frustrated with his father. While his father does nothing himself to help bring him up, Sir Roland has set strict standards on what Kyle is to be taught, essentially keeping much of the truth from him. There are a lot of things Kyle doesn't know, and it really frustrates him. He certainly doesn't like his father, but he doesn't like to let it show. He's very good at hiding what he feels, providing a calm contrast to Vannie's roller coaster. Inside, though, he's hurting. Sure, his tutors made him a far better person than his father would have, but it's still difficult to have so poor a relationship with his parents.

Kyle likes to read. His reading material is limited, but that doesn't stop him from getting the fullest enjoyment and knowledge possible out of what he can read. He likes spending time out of doors. He likes animals, too. We don't really get to see much of his ordinary interests, due to circumstances, but I'd like to explore it more sometime. He doesn't particularly want to be a Vassal Lord, but he knows there's no escaping it, so he's set his mind on being better at it than his father. If only he were able to learn the political process!

He's quite a gentleman. He treats people right, even if they are only servants. He is kind and perfectly willing to protect Vannie. It's nothing extraordinary for him, it's just what you do. He's not thrilled about his arranged marriage, but he's not intending to find a way out of it (at this point in time, anyway), because the honorable thing to do would be to go through with it. He's just a fantastic guy.

Kyle is a great character to work with. He's an essential part of Espionage, and I can't wait for you all to officially meet him!


  1. Aww, I love Kyle. I pictured him slightly different (a little younger looking), but that's still a pretty good picture. :D He's great. I feel like if you had a little brother, Kyle would be a lot like him. (Sorry, was that too random?)

    "He doesn't particularly want to be a Vassal Lord, but he knows there's no escaping it, so he's set his mind on being better at it than his father. If only he were able to learn the political process!" *cough* marry Vannie *cough* *wink*
    I can't wait to see more of him.

    1. I love him too. It's difficult to find perfect character pictures, so pretty good is great. I never did find one for Adriel. I would love to have a little brother like Kyle. That would be perfection. :)

      I want him to marry Vannie, and I want to see him again...but I need your help on that. The odds are not in their favor. (Did that email ever come through?)

    2. It totally would! :)

      Yes, I totally understand that. I got the email, I just really haven't had a bunch of time to think about it. AAAH. I'll try to text you later about it. :)

    3. Alrighty. I just wanted to make sure it went to you and I didn't accidentally send it to some random stranger. ;)

    4. Haha, don't worry, it didn't. I was going to try to edit Espionage before I tried to actually think it through and come up with a solution. What I really need is a free week to literally do nothing but edit.

    5. Makes sense. You might want to go ahead and read the last scene in the "sequel parts" document. You know, so you can fangirl. :)

  2. He sounds like an awesome character. :D Especially that he's a bookworm! I can relate to bookworms. :P

    1. Glad you think so! I can relate to bookworms too...which is why so many of my characters are bookworms. It's so hard to write a character who doesn't like to read.


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