Monday, April 18, 2016

The Visual Espionage

What story is complete without visuals?

I don't know how I managed to create stories without Pinterest. Now, whenever I create a new character, I search through Pinterest for the perfect person. (Or on occasion I think of an actor that suits the role and look for a picture of him/her. Like this.) When I come to a new setting, I look for pictures. When I need inspiration, I look for quotes. It gives me a more full picture of the story, fleshes it out.

So, I want to share some pictures off my Espionage Pinterest board.

Via Pinterest
Vannie Cumberland. After realizing mid church service (at my old church, totally randomly for no reason at all) that a young Lexi Johnson would make a great Vannie, I found this picture. Though now I think of Danielle as Vannie. Because this.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
 And of course Vannie needed sisters.

And parents.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
I realize Vannie's dad is double cast in Calhortea as Cap'n Ezra Weathersby. Um. He's perfect for both roles. Maybe it's his doppleganger. You know how in all the shows there's someone who looks just like another character...evil Gilligan...David Banner/Mike Cassidy...Mr. Monk/dead criminal...

I'll just say it works.

And of course, Kyle was important.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest
I had a hard time finding the Court Chamber. Seriously, does no one post pictures of Miraz's throne room? That's sort of how I envisioned it, so I was looking for such a picture. This is the only one I found.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Roland Castle was easy to populate with images.

The elaborate, yet scary castle.

The autumn colors along the road on the way.

The beautiful beach that can be seen from the tower.

The corridors deep inside.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Roland Castle was everywhere.

Everything was perfect.

And then I started looking for Cumberland Castle.

Maybe my expectations were too specific. I'd had an idea of what it looked like since I came up with the idea for the story in late 2013. And no castles that I found looked like the one in my mind. It's just a simple castle. Perfect for Vannie and her family. But apparently such a castle doesn't exist. At least not on the wide world of Pinterest.

So I was reduced to drawing one myself.

And there you have the essentials of the visual Espionage. There are a few more pictures on the Pinterest board, which you are welcome to take a look at.

P.S. Forgive me if the formatting of this post comes out weird. I did my best.

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