Monday, November 14, 2016

Crannig Castle Blog Tour Recap

And we come to the end. It's been quite a week, with all the typical blog tour stuff, plus the craziness of the election, plus staying up late watching Jane Austen movies while my dad was out of town, plus teaching music, plus library work including staff training...but it's been great. This has been my biggest blog tour--you guys are awesome for doing that for me. And now it's over and it's time to recap. Giveaway winners are at the bottom of the post. ;)


"This is a really great ending to the “Time Captives” trilogy. I like the parts where the story was written as if it were back in time. Instead of just hearing it explained, it is actually like I was there with the characters." --Sarah Allerding

"I enjoyed this book as much as the previous two in the series. Fans of the previous books will not be disappointed by this thrilling conclusion. Even though the Time Captives and their friends plan their moves thoroughly, they can’t predict the unexpected twists and turns that the story takes. One twist, in particular, led to an event which startled me very much." --Erika

"Anyways, I loved the characters and plot and stuff. Eleanor was probably my favorite; she’s pretty cool. I also liked Samantha and Abigail. And Jonathan, ’cause he’s the book nerd and compared a bunch of stuff to J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis’s books. And the ending was amazing for this series!" --Alyssa

"She masterfully ties the threads into a complex knot of a climax. Though I'd say that the biggest knot was in my stomach as I watched Eleanor accepted her past, Adriel risk everything, and Jonathan lead troops. Then it all came together to rip me apart emotionally. I loved it." --RhoXie Mans

"The plot’s somewhat complicated, but if you enjoy faith, fantasy, and a touch of politics, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this series. Each character plays a special role in fighting for the freedom and justice of the Calhortan people. And if you’re one of those people that enjoys an actual good, satisfying ending to a series, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!"--Amanda Beguerie

"I'll be honest - I did not want this series to end. I've grown to love the characters, the story, and the suspense. There were parts where I cried; there were scenes that made me laugh. The plot line is well written, and the dialogue flows naturally (a big thing for me)." --Katelyn Snell

"I enjoyed returning to the epic battle against the strytes.  Morgan created such a fascinating world with such intricate characters.  I loved getting so see how everything turned out....If you haven't read any of the Time Captives books, please do!" --Alea Harper

"Well, here it is, at last, the final volume of the Time Captives trilogy. Please pay no mind to the shattered pieces of my heart that are scattered over the floor. The Time Captives is one of the most unique portal fantasies that I've ever read. So much so that I have harped on the author for the "next book" since I read the first one....It's hard to believe that this series has come to an end already, and while I'm thrilled to finally know how it ends, there's a large part of my that's in denial that it's over. And I might be plotting a fanfic." --Kendra E. Ardnek

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 Giveaway Winners

1st prize (signed copy of entire Time Captives trilogy): Amy
2nd prize (signed copy of Crannig Castle): Katelyn S.
3rd prize (ebook of Crannig Castle): Sarah G.

Congratulations! I'll be emailing you for the information I need to get you your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with this release! I can't thank you enough.


  1. *commence happy dance* Good news amidst the craziness of moving!!!! Sawyer will be SO jealous ;)

  2. Again, congratulations on the release, Morgan!!! :D


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