Monday, June 12, 2017

A Time to Edit...

I'm sure you can guess what I've been doing this week.

Editing is...interesting. I think I'm approximately halfway through beta reader edits. They've been immensely helpful so far, as I've been cleaning up wording and explaining things I hadn't thought to explain. 

The most interesting change has been going back to the original draft for a few sections. I'd cut something that actually made more sense and improved the story. I have absolutely no idea why I changed it in the first place. I wish I could remember. (Thank goodness my dad told me years ago to save every draft as a new document.) But anyway, it's back in, and fixes a problem Kendra had with the story.

I've also been remembering things about this story, its background, and the worldbuilding that I'd forgotten about or simply just not thought about in a long time. See, I'd barely touched it since I submitted it to Five Magic Spindles in December of 2015, and there have been a lot of other things in my mind crowding it out. Now it's coming back, and some things actually make more sense to me now. While I'd had reasons before, some of them I didn't really think through until now.

All that said, I'm currently feeling pretty good about this book, in spite of the freak out I had when I started editing. It really seems to be coming together, and I'm excited about it. 

So when do you get to read Twisted Dreams? As I said in a brief post last week asking for help with the cover reveal, the book will come out on August 7. This is no ordinary release, however. Kendra E. Ardnek, her mom Rachel Roden, and I are all releasing our Sleeping Beauty retellings together. That's right, instead of just getting one Sleeping Beauty story this August, you get three. Which means that during the cover reveal on June 21, you'll get to see three awesome covers. It's going to be fantastic, so don't miss it!

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