Monday, September 10, 2018

Acktorek (and Carrie Mouse and life) Update

Writing is so slow these days. :(

I hate that it's taking me so long to get Acktorek written. I really love this book, but it's taking forever. I just keep telling myself that it'll get done when God wants it to get done.

I haven't really said much about the story line of Acktorek, since I wasn't sure what would be spoilery and what wouldn't, but I think I'm far enough along now to have a good idea. I don't have an official description yet or even a logline, but I'll do my best.

Emma Edsel is a science nerd and the least popular girl in school, so when the new boy takes notice of her, she's immediately suspicious. Especially since he's snooping around the creek at the end of her street and she gets the odd sense he might be able to read her mind. His name is Mitchell. The popular crowd likes him. Emma's blind sister Carla likes him. Emma's dad even likes him. But Emma's sure there's something up.

Strange things begin to happen: her sister's mysterious seizure, a physics-defying energy field at school, secrets at which Mitchell keeps hinting but not explaining...and Emma just doesn't know what to make of any of it. Her world is crumbling and her family may be in serious danger. Is Mitchell the cause of everything, or is he the solution?

I'm writing from Mitchell's POV at the moment, which has been really interesting and I'm finding out all sorts of things about what's going on. This story isn't exactly turning out how I initially thought it would, but I love it anyway. Problem is...

Carrie Mouse is the priority. Which isn't exactly a problem because I'm really excited about that project too, but it does significantly cut down on Acktorek time when I have to spend the day cleaning up illustrations in Photoshop instead of writing. Or knitting little sweaters. I'm just so glad these sweaters are small because if they were any bigger I'd be even further behind. It takes my sister so much less time to create the Carrie dolls. But then, she just has to cut the fabric. I have to make my fabric. 

But it's coming along. And Rebekah and I came up with some picture book ideas while we were playing tennis at the city park the other day. Some for Carrie Mouse, some for another series which will appeal to little boys. Think fairy tales/sneezing wolf. It's going to be fun. And then I came home to watch The Clone Wars with my other sister while knitting more sweaters. Not enough sweaters. :P But the cover reveal is coming next week, so yay!

And of course there are other things that keep me from spending as much time on Acktorek as I'd like. Like new violin students who are so super cute. And RANGER'S APPRENTICE!!!!!!!!

Seriously, this series is AMAZING! I just finished reading all of them, including Early Years and Royal Ranger. But there will be more Royal Ranger books, and I can't wait. If you haven't read Ranger's Apprentice yet, get thee to the library and get started now. Or Amazon because they're totally good enough to buy, but considering there are 15 in all right now, that's a lot of books. And you'll want to read them all. Will Treaty is the best. And so are Horace and Halt and Evanlyn and Alyss and Gilan and Crowley and Pauline and Maddie and Erak and Malcolm and Tug and Abelard (yes, Tug and Abelard are horses). And the new-apprentice-gets-his/her-first-horse thing never gets old. And I so want to be a Ranger. These books are so funny and intense and there are sad parts and it's amazing and I can't rave enough. I'm going to have to do a review or a video or both or something now that I'm done. I love these characters to pieces and the stories are so good too. And they're obsessed with coffee. It's so funny. 

So yeah, John Flanagan is a reason Acktorek is going slow. But it's totally worth it.

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