Monday, June 15, 2020

Carrie Mouse and the Piano Lesson Cover Reveal

The cover for Carrie Mouse and the Piano Lesson is here!

I rarely say anything about Carrie on here for some reason—I need to fix that—but she's a special little mouse to me. I created her back when I was seven, this headstrong, determined little mouseling with much to learn, and I can hardly believe it's been nearly two years since she was first introduced to the world through my sister's amazing sculpting skills.

So, nearly two years after you got to read about her adventure being trapped in the giant garage, Carrie Mouse is back to take on her newest challenge: piano lessons!

Carrie Mouse and the Piano Lesson is inspired by my own experiences as a music teacher, and so, as someone who enjoys sharing my love of music, it's very special to me.

Carrie loves music, so she's excited to begin piano lessons! But piano takes a lot more work and patience than she expected. Will Carrie work hard to pursue her dream of playing "Oh! Susanna"? Or will piano prove to be too much for her?

And now, without further ado, I present the cover of Carrie Mouse and the Piano Lesson!

Coming July 20!

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  1. Wow! That looks even cuter than the first book!


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