Monday, July 6, 2020

A Trip to Jekyll Island

This is going to be a quicker trip post than what I normally do, since we weren't there a full week and we spent most of the time at the beach, and because it's NaNo and I need to go do words.

Anyway, last week, we went on a camping trip to Jekyll Island. The beach isn't my favorite thing to do (at risk of sounding like Anakin, I don't like sand very much because it gets everywhere—it's almost as bad as glitter), but it's alright, and it was definitely nice to get away for a few days. At one point, the forecast was saying it was going to rain all weekend, but it ended up only raining the last evening we were there, and even that wasn't very bad at all. It was actually kind of nice, since it barely actually rained, but the weather changed enough that the temperature was more pleasant and it was less humid.

We brought our bikes (which makes me think of The Dumb Bunnies), and rode to Driftwood Beach, which is really pretty cool. Like I said, we spent most of our time at the beach, where my sister found a TON of sand dollars (and I accidentally stepped on a few), my mom and I saw a huge horseshoe crab (but didn't get a picture), while walking on the beach I FINALLY figured out a plot for the pirate book about Captain Herb's son that I've been wanting to write for 7.5 years, and I read the entirety of Terri Blackstock's Restoration series (the characters annoyed me in the first book, but by the end, well, the last book made me cry and that's hard to do). And of course I had to continue my tradition of doing this:

Also, the ice cream shop in the historic district closes at 5, so the last day we were there, we had ice cream before dinner. After all, it is vacation.

The craziest part of the trip was on the way home. The camper blew out a tire, and we discovered that the tools that came with our truck don't actually fit the camper. So we ended up sitting on the side of the interstate for over an hour before the HERO truck was able to get there. But eventually it came, and God protected us from getting hit while we were sitting there (we were on a curve, and you don't realize how fast interstate speeds are until you're stationary and they're whizzing past). Not the way we wanted the trip to end, but all's well that ends well.

And now to go do NaNo...

P.S. My mom avoids the front of the camera as much as possible. She was there...taking the pictures.

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  1. Not bad for a last minute substitute vacation...maybe the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Louisiana can be rescheduled.

    And the I want to watch Gilligan's Island. :)


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