Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Interview With Emma


I have an interview today with Emma Edsel! My mom gave me some questions for her, and, well, we had a conversation about them. This is a peek into my writer mind. Conversations like this have happened before, sometimes while I'm working at the library...

I promise I'm not crazy!

Anyway, I'm in bold, Emma's in regular. Enjoy!

What was the hardest thing about growing up in your house?

*stares incredulously* You really think I’m going to answer a question like that? For all the world to see?

Well…your story is about to be published in a novel…

*awkward silence*

So that’s why you wanted me to talk to you…

Um, yeah. But I promise the most personal stuff won’t be public knowledge. That’s just to help me understand you better.

*glare intensifies* What’s your definition of “most personal”?

*shifts uncomfortably* …Probably slightly different from yours.

*stands up, arms folded across chest* That’s it. I’m done. I don’t know why I finally talked to you at all.

Vannie may have had something to do with that. I think she yelled at you a few times for giving me such a hard time.

That girl needs to learn to keep some things to herself.

Can’t argue with that one. But please, Emma, answer a few questions? Easier ones?

*huffs, but sits back down* Make it quick. And it better not be invasive.

This one isn’t. What is your favorite subject in school?

Science. I like biology and chemistry best, and I wish high school science would go deeper into biochemistry and molecular biology. Physics is okay. And math is dependable.

Science is pretty cool. And math is way better than foreign language. I hate foreign language. Mostly because I’m so bad at it. But I’ve always liked English and history the best.

See, this is why you don’t understand me.

I’m trying. Cut me some slack. Here’s another question. Has Grace always driven you crazy, or did this just happen in high school?

*snorts* Has Grace ever not been annoying? There’s always been one thing or another that gets on my nerves about her. I can’t get rid of her, and believe me, I’ve tried. But she has gotten worse since she and Brian started dating. She thinks all my problems would be solved if I just had a boyfriend. Stupid.

It’s not that she thinks a boyfriend would solve your problems so much as it’s that she thinks healthy relationships with someone other than Carla would be good for you. Especially if it was a relationship with someone who would take care of you. You need that. That kind of leads into the next question. Is there anyone besides Grace that you can talk to (like an adult role model)?

Really? Who would I talk to?

Grace’s mom would probably be a good option.

Not a chance.

Why not?

*glares* Because no one would understand, that’s why. And they all let you down.

What basis do you have for that statement? Has Grace’s family ever actually let you down, or are you so afraid they will that you don’t even ask? It’s hard for people to know you need help if you don’t ask for it.

I’m not going to answer that.

At least think about it?

Maybe. If you’ll stop bugging me.

Well…Just one more question and you can go.

You mean until you make me talk to you again?


You really don’t know how to leave a person alone, do you?

It’s kind of hard when you live inside my head.

Talk to Vannie. Leave me alone.

I do talk to Vannie. Problem is, she’d rather talk to me about how great it is to be married to Kyle than about what it took to get them to the place where they could get married, and that’s not helpful. But can I ask you the last question?

Fine. But I can’t promise I’ll answer.

It’s one I hope you have an answer for, but I kind of doubt you do. What do you do for fun?

*blinks* Um…I walk in the woods to the stream sometimes?

*sighs* You need a hobby.

Now you’re sounding like Grace.

Well, she’s not wrong.

I don’t have time for a hobby. Can I go now?

I guess so. Goodbye.


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  1. I loved this so much!!! Thank you Emma for answering Morgan's questions! (Even though you didn't really want to. ;p)

    (Also, Kyle and Vannie get married! YAY!!! Does this mean you're going to do a book on how that's possible? I would LOVE to read a book about an older Kyle and Vannie being able to get out of their betrothals and finally be together!)

    1. Oh, Emma. She's definitely an interesting one. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Yes, they do! From the beginning, Espionage was intended to have a sequel. Unfortunately, it's been giving me lots of trouble. I've written one plot hole-ridden draft, and I'm a chapter and a half into the second draft, but it's just not flowing. I know the gist of the storyline, but Vannie would much rather skip ahead to the happier part of her life and talk to me all about that. :P Lord willing, it'll eventually get written...hopefully sooner rather than later.

    2. (Ugh, I think my computer is having problems, it "ate" my comment yesterday and I didn't realize until now, so trying this again on my phone.)

      Lol, Emma is a very interesting character and I loved the banter between you two.

      YAY! I'm so thrilled to hear you're working on a sequel! ^_^ Sorry that it's giving you trouble, I can definitely see Vannie wanting to simply skip ahead to the more pleasant times. ;) I hope sooner too, but I understand how temperamental books can be so I'll be patient and cheer you on as you write it! :D

    3. (Technology can be very unreliable. My phone doesn't like to behave for blog comments, even though I keep it signed into my Google account, so I have to comment on the computer. It can be super annoying.)


      Books can definitely be very temperamental. Maybe if Vannie knows people want to see HOW she was able to marry Kyle, she'll help me out more. ;)

    4. (Yeah, technology can be annoying sometimes, can't live with it, can't live without it. ;p)

      Then tell her I am VERY interested in how she was able to marry Kyle and would love to read her story! ;)


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