Wednesday, August 21, 2013

B: Brian and Henry Rubin

I told you I had to get creative to work in everyone I wanted to blog about, and this is one of those instances. I had to combine Brian and Henry into one post, which makes sense since they are brothers and quite close.

Brian is the oldest of the Rubin children, Henry second. They have two more siblings, Edmund and Anne who will be featured together whenever I get to "E." Brian is eighteen at the time of The Experiment and Henry seventeen. They are both very smart, were homeschooled, and are strong Christians. Their father was a famous private investigator and the family often traveled with him when he went on cases. Though I didn't know it until Anne told about her family and their involvement with The Experiment, all the Rubin children have some sort of special ability. Anne's and Edmund's are my favorites, and I really wish I had them myself, but they aren't the subject of this post. Brian and Henry are.

Brian is incredibly responsible, and a great big brother, but that's not what I consider his special ability. He knows immediately upon meeting someone whether or not he can trust them, and he is never wrong. It is because of this Anne decides to trust Linus. He can also tell if someone is lying. Brian knows chemistry fairly well, at any rate, well enough to figure out antidotes. He cares deeply about his younger siblings, and, like all of the Rubin boys, is very protective of his younger sister Anne.

Henry is a bit more impulsive than Brian, and he has more displays of temper. He got frustrated with all that was going on; after all they had been through, what happened to him was just the last straw. Henry is very good at figuring things out. As Anne said, he has "extraordinary logical abilities." Random fact: Henry's name was originally Edward. However, my sisters complained that it was too close to Edmund, so I had to change it. Now it looks odd to read the original draft and see him referred to as Edward.

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