Monday, January 6, 2014

T: The Machine

Well, I'm back.

I had a nice Christmas break with my family, despite people getting sick, but now it's time to get back into normal life. And for this blog, that means maybe finally finishing my Experiment A-Z posts.

I know of three things in fiction called "The Machine." Of those three, two are torture devices, and one is an automobile. The one in The Experiment is not the automobile. The Machine is a large, cage-like device with wires pointing towards the center. Miss Reginald loves The Machine, though I doubt anyone else does. It creates extreme torture, and generally causes the victim to pass out.

Linus Prescott describes the pain caused by The Machine as being "more painful than if every bone in your body were crushed into a powder." Luckily, there's no more detail of the pain than that. I don't think I could go into any more detail. I'm a bit squeamish. My youngest sister was reading The Experiment for about the hundredth time yesterday, and she said that the point where I said "The agony (she) suffered in those minutes can never be put into words," was cheating. But for me, it's enough. The Machine is a terrible device.

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