Monday, January 13, 2014

V: Vehicles

This is where you get to find out just how weird I am. My dream car is not a fancy sports car, or a limousine, or any other car that's typically considered cool. I don't even know what the names of cool cars are. My dream car is a 15 passenger van. Preferably with a bunch of kids in the backseat.

The most important of the vehicles in The Experiment are the 15 passenger vans. The Raingolds and their friends take 15 passenger vans when they begin their journey to Courtstone. The 15 passenger vans are even engaged in a car chase. I loved writing the car chase. It was a lot of fun. When I revised The Experiment, I had some difficulties in making the car chase possible, but I was determined, and eventually succeeded.

Some other vehicles in The Experiment include police cars, semi trucks, limousines, and a bus, but my favorites are the 15 passenger vans.

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