Monday, March 3, 2014

X: eXperiment

It's been exactly one month since I wrote my last blog post. I never intended to let it go so long, but life has a way of getting busy, especially when one is involved in a congressional campaign.

I have to cheat a bit, because again there are no X-rays or X-boxes or xylophones or people named Xavier. So we have eXperiment. The eXperiment is what The Experiment is all about. It is a plot by the President and Miss Reginald to control the lives and minds of the American people. Along with that, there are scientific experiments performed by Miss Reginald.

Miss Reginald is trying to find a way of weakening the mind and making it susceptible to mind control. One of the ways she tried it was weakening it with the infirmities of age. Her experiments don't always go as planned, as Georgie Prescott could tell you.

She also was working on experiments to create fearless warriors. The one line I had in mind from the very beginning has to do with this experiment: "It is my pet project. To see what kind of monster I can create." This experiment causes Anne Rubin no end of grief. It is one she is determined to reverse, even more so than the experiments on the general population.

The eXperiments are a central element of the book, and what I desperately hope will always remain science fiction.

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