Monday, January 12, 2015

Emily Hubbard

Picture Via Pinterest Emily is the oldest of the modern Hubbards. She is fourteen years old, and she acts like it. She despises her four younger siblings and she spares not their feelings in displaying this. She is a skeptic, when Jill mentions their grandfather being in Heaven, Emily tells her to keep her supernatural hogwash to herself. Emily especially clashes with Joey because, while Allan and Jill are goodnatured, Joey really isn't. And when the Hubbards end up in the world of Calhortea, Emily doesn't really take it well.

Emily has been around since the beginning of my ideas for Creighton Hill. I don't remember if her name was always the same, probably not, but her personality was always there.

Originally the "modern" Hubbards (they're the most modern, from the year 2000) were going to be a family with 12 kids, all girls except Joey. Lucky for him, that changed. But even in that early version, there was a snotty fourteen-year-old sister who was mean to her younger brothers and sisters, especially when they speculated about the mysterious disappearances of their ancestors.

Even when the "modern" Hubbards were condensed into a family of five children with a second brother, Emily's role was still not the same as it is today. Her younger siblings, Allan, Jill, Joey, and Anna, were the four to go to Calhortea. Things really weren't working with the book, though. It was agony to write, and honestly, I hated it. I didn't even want to write Creighton Hill anymore. My mom read what I had and made a crazy suggestion. Switch Emily with Anna. I had to majorly rewrite the book, and that was before the rewrite that changed the point of view from Jill to Joey, leaving Anna behind and taking Emily along. It worked! I needed a contagonist, and Emily was it.

Emily will have a character arc over the course of the series. And I also need to go back and give her a few point of view scenes. But she is one of the best developed characters in Time Captives and one of the reasons the story finally worked.


  1. I'm pretty sure bringing Emily along was my idea. Our mom just comvinced you it was the right thing to do (and it took quite a lot of convincing).


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