Monday, January 26, 2015

Jill Hubbard

Picture Via Pinterest Jill was named after Jill Pole. Or if not strictly after her, because of her. I only like the name Jill because of Jill Pole. Jill was always a part of the story, even back when she had nine older sisters and no Allan. She was actually the main point of view character for a long time.

Well, as you would have it, things weren't working out so well from Jill's point of view. My sister thought she was boring, didn't like her character voice, and didn't even like the character! She thought she was wimpy and a scaredy cat. Sad for me, since I did like her. Even though at that point I was severely frustrated with the story and my characters and how they just wouldn't get on with their quest.

So then I tried Joey. And it started working. My sister actually started to like Jill. Thank goodness, because having a supposed to be liked character who isn't likeable isn't exactly a good thing. And once I got past having to write the first eight chapters AGAIN, I stopped being so incredibly frustrated with it. Not that it still doesn't give trouble, seriously, I've never had so many uncooperative characters, never had such a large cast before, but I had fixed one of my big mistakes. Jill isn't really the best primary POV character. She's good through the eyes of her little brother. She does get one POV section in the first book, a few in the second, and even more in the third, but for the most part, she is seen by Joey.

On Jill Hubbard. She's very nice. She tries to be a friend to Emily, and she's really close to both of her brothers. She likes to read. Her bookshelf boasted things like Just So Stories, Narnia, and Noel Streatfeild. That did get cut because of the POV change, but we still see her reading Ballet Shoes, and she and her siblings do make references to The Story of the Treasure Seekers. And she is more than willing to participate in Jonathan's Narnia references. She has always wanted a medieval style dress, not unlike me. They're pretty cool, after all. She likes to help people, but like Jill Pole, she does like the comforts of indoors. She's not exactly a morning person, but she isn't a lie-a-bed either. She loves church, and is definitely willing to tell people about God. She is shy, but her compassion is still able to overcome her shyness.

I personally think she's a great character and don't mind her POV, but the sister has spoken. :) Really, it is better the way it is now, but Jill's later POV scenes are just fine, and my sister doesn't usually complain about them. Jill's a great sister, and a good addition to the story of Time Captives.

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