Monday, February 9, 2015


When I decided to create a fantasy world (a long time ago, and trust me, it has gone through many, many very needed changes), it was only natural for there to be fantasy races. Some (like talking animals) got cut. Others (like the merfolk) came in later, like halfway through writing Time Captives. Some of them are my own version of already existing fantasy races. Elves, for instance. Others (strytes, kalicans) I made up myself. Strytes even didn't become a race of Calhortea right away. Probably the longest still existing Calhortan race, besides humans, of course, are the kalicans.

The kalicans are the first that Emily, Allan, Jill, and Joey meet on their arrival. I'm not much of a sit down and worldbuild kind of person, so I kind of made them up as I went along. And, honestly, the kalicans, like most things in Calhortea, are a mishmash of countless things from our world.

I like to describe the kalicans as leprechauns who live like American Indians and speak with Scottish accents (or as near as I can get to one, which honestly isn't very close. Amy Pond and the Twelfth Doctor have helped a little bit, but not much). So for looks, kalicans grow to be about 2-3 feet tall, slightly taller than Yoda but a teensy bit shorter than a hobbit. They have curly brown or red hair and their eyes are usually brown. They have pointed ears, and are fair creatures. They have an average lifespan of 120-150 years.

Kalicans live in wigwams. Only, their wigwams are made out of leafy green tree branches, not animal skins. Apparently no one else makes wigwams that way, since Pinterest didn't turn up a picture of one. They live largely on what they can hunt and gather, and, though I have yet to see one, I wouldn't be surprised if some of their women took to gardening. Kalicans are also good at weaving, storytelling, certain types of art, and music. Basically, if it's a skill one typically associates with American Indians, they probably have it. One big difference, though: The vast majority of kalicans are Christians. This shapes their society in so many ways. They are kind and caring, friendly and welcoming. They fought against the strytes alongside the elves and Calhortans in the stryte invasion of Calhortz, which has cost kalicans of many generations their lives. They are more than willing to fight for what is right, despite their small numbers. They reside in the small country of Kalica at the foot of the Headstone Mountains, when they aren't being all but wiped out by the strytes.

Kalican names were fun to come up with. For the most part, they are ordinary names spelled in an unusual (though hopefully fairly phonetical) way. The ones I've come up with are as follows: Naythin, Leela (I promise I didn't name her after the Fourth Doctor companion, I didn't know about her then, but I do like her now), Peetur, Meelya, Atkinson, Graiss, Mykall, Sofeeya, Sauliman, Luuke, Evalin, and Ammeelia. Naythin's name was originally Tommis, but then I realized one of the Time Captives had been named Thomas, so it was best to change it.

The kalicans are fun to write about. Their culture is intriguing, and they are such kind little people. I'm looking forward to sharing them with the world.


  1. A race that's a cross between leprechauns and american Indians? I wanna read about 'em! They sound like fun.

    1. They are fun. I don't spend as much time with them as I might like, but they do play an important role in the stories of certain Time Captives. They don't really get anything other than looks from the leprechauns, though. :)


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