Friday, April 3, 2015

777 Challenge

I had seen the 777 Challenge going around blogs and thought it looked fun, but hadn't been tagged. So when Kendra Ardnek left an open invitation, I decided to consider myself tagged. What it is is that you go to the seventh page of your work in progress, go seven lines down and share the next seven lines. I didn't want to pick between the two rough drafts I'm working on, so I'll do one from each. The first is from a nameless story going by Storyless Storyboard Story.

    “Good,” said Jared.
    “I have full confidence in you,” Kira assured him.

                                                        Uncle Matthew

    Kira stepped out onto the tower. Joel stood against the parapet, a sniper rifle beside him, keeping a sharp lookout from the top of the tower. She gave him little opportunity to serve as her personal bodyguard, thus he had many other guard duties at the palace of Hanover.

Kira is the main girl in the story, Jared is her brother, and Joel is the main guy, Kira's bodyguard. Kira's father is the king of the country of Hanover, obviously making her a princess. It takes place in a sci-fi-ish fantasy world, and has stuff to do with bionic microchipping and kidnapping and stuff.

The other snippet is from the equally nameless outer space dystopian familiarly known as The Cassie Story.

her shoulder, and burped William. Then she settled him back down to finish the bottle.
   "Soon I'll have to go away," she continued. "I'll really miss times like this." William seemed to be drifting off to sleep. Cassie burped him a final time, but was reluctant to place him in his crib. The babies were held so seldom. He needed it. She gently kissed his forehead and continued to cuddle him. She felt a sudden prick
In this part, Cassie is helping out with the infants in the Base where she grew up. Kids basically grow up in a very standardized boarding school type thing where parents don't exist and they are trained to be a part of Society and not to question anything. It's very interesting. I have a little more about both of these stories on my WIPs page.

I don't know who has or hasn't been tagged and I don't know who I would tag anyway, so I'll just do the same as Kendra and leave an open invitation instead of tagging seven people. If you're a writer and you see this, you can consider yourself tagged.

And bonus bit of information: The cover reveal for Creighton Hill is next Monday!! Stay tuned!

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