Monday, April 27, 2015

A Sneak Peek at Creighton Hill

Today I'm going to share with you an excerpt from Creighton Hill. This is out of Chapter Three, "The Door at the Back of the Wardrobe."

   Anna handed Jill a dark blue cotton dress from the wardrobe. She selected a pink gingham for herself. As she closed the door, a flash of light caught Joey’s attention.
   “Wait a minute.” Anna opened the door again. Joey came up behind them. “What’s that light in there?”
   Anna frowned. “I don’t see anything.”
   “You’re right, Joey,” said Jill.
   Joey stepped past the girls and pushed the dresses aside.
   Allan came into the room buttoning up his shirt. “What are you looking at?”
   “Jill and Joey see something in the wardrobe,” Anna said.
   “What is it?” Allan came closer. “That’s weird.”
   “What?” Anna demanded.
   “It’s a spot of light,” Joey said.
   “But it’s making words,” Jill added.
   The point of light lengthened and curved. Writing appeared on the back of the wardrobe. The children watched as lines became letters, letters became words. Jill read them aloud for Anna’s benefit.

   “When these words are spoken,
   A land will appear.”

   The words shone out at them for a moment, then faded away. Allan stepped into the wardrobe. He ran his hand over the wood.
   “No trace of them now,” he said. “There’s only a knot in the wood. Odd it wasn’t sanded down.”
   The back of the wardrobe swung away from them. Only pitch black could be seen through the opening. Allan looked back at his siblings, then stepped inside. Anna followed.
   “What’s in there, Allan?” Joey stepped through the wardrobe into the secret passage, Jill close behind him. The back of the wardrobe slammed shut. Jill let out a muffled shriek. 

Read the rest of the story when Creighton Hill is released on June 8th. Help spread the word by joining the blog tour celebrating its release!


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