Monday, June 15, 2015

Creighton Hill Blog Tour Recap

Wow. This has been an amazing blog tour. Thank you to all who participated! It was wonderful to come away from the stress of moving (because I moved the weekend directly prior to release) to see you all saying such amazing things about my books. You were all so kind. It made my week. Thank you so much!

Here's a recap of the tour, in case you missed anything. 


"I actually enjoyed this story more than The Chronicles of Narnia. *ducks for cover from flying objects and gasps of horror*"--Jaye L. Knight

"I personally can’t wait for the next two books so that I can find out what happens to the characters I came to know and love." --Kyla Spell

"I enjoyed the bits of history displayed in the “flashbacks” and you can see the research Ms. Huneke has put in to make each time period believable. This was a good book and I think we’re in for a wonderful new series." --Claire M. Banschbach

"The world itself was delightfully unique and well-built. We mostly get to know the Strytes and Kalicans in this book, but I'm looking forward to meeting more interesting creatures in the sequels." --Kendra E. Ardnek

"The antagonists and heroes have been well cast and play their parts extremely well. The story is well rounded, the switches from character to character is smooth, and they are completely believable." --Katelyn 

"It was full of excitement and I always wanted to hurry up and turn the next page." --Maddy

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Giveaway Winners

The 1st prize winner (signed copies of Across the Stars and Creighton Hill) is: Jaye L. Knight
The 2nd prize winner (signed copy of Creighton Hill) is: Odette K.
The 3rd prize winner (eCopy of Creighton Hill) is: Elinor F.

Congratulations! I'll email you this evening to get the information I need to give you your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who made this release so awesome!

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