Monday, March 21, 2016

The Official Espionage Description

Just one more week until the cover reveal! I'm really excited about it, and looking forward to sharing the story behind the cover. For now, I'm going to go ahead and share the official back cover text for the book.

“Sir Roland has invited us to visit for the Autumn Feast.”

“Do we have to go, Papa? I couldn’t feast with the most crooked politician in all of Briznom.”

As the daughter of a Briznomian vassal lord, Vannie Cumberland has spent her childhood immersed in the world of politics. Relations between Briznom and the neighboring country of Calhortz are strained due to the tyrannical rule of the strytes. A proposed alliance could calm relations between the two countries, but would come at the cost of Briznom’s freedom.

When her father’s political archenemy invites them to the Autumn Feast, Vannie uncovers an evil scheme endangering the life of someone close to her. Personal enmity comes to a dangerous head as Vannie struggles to expose the corruption and stop the alliance. Time is running out.

Events are becoming too big for her to handle. Will Sir Roland’s son help or will things finally spiral out of control?

Does Espionage interest you? Are you looking forward to seeing the cover next week?


  1. Yes! I signed up, and I'm super excited!

  2. Sounds so fascinating; can't wait for the cover reveal!

  3. Yay, this is so exciting! I can't wait for Espionage to meet the world. ;)


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