Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Time Captives Q&A

Some of my author friends have done something really fun and awesome with their characters: let the readers ask the characters questions. The Q&A sessions are always so much fun to read. Like this one. And this one.

So I would love to do one (or more) of my own during the Crannig Castle blog tour. If you have any burning questions to ask any of my characters, or me, now's your chance. You can even be nosy if you want...my characters may not thank you, but nosy questions seem to be the standard in these Q&As. ;)

All characters in Time Captives and Espionage are available for questioning: good guys, bad guys, minor characters who only showed up once...though I can't promise you the minor characters I hardly know will have answers... 

Now, I do require a minimum of ten questions total to hold a Q&A session, otherwise I'll show up with a bunch of characters and have nothing to ask them. But you can ask as many questions as you want. If only one person has questions, but they come up with enough, I'll still round up my characters and interrogate them. You have until October 17. Just post whatever questions you have in the comments of this post.

So it's up to you now. Ask away!

P.S. You don't need a Blogger account to comment. Just select "name/URL" or "anonymous."


  1. Oo! Oo! Pick me! Pick me! What are y'all's feelings about having complete stranger read about y'all?

  2. Finally thought of a question. I thought I'd post it here instead of asking you in person like I do with all my others...

    To Draewin: Do you love your brother? Why do you work for Toarna? Are you willing to give your life for her cause? Why or why not? (And how does that make you feel? Just kidding! Though, if you want...)


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