Tuesday, July 2, 2013

P: People's Treasury of Arms

The People’s Treasury of Arms is just that, a treasury of arms belonging to the people. It is a massive, manmade, underground cavern approximately in the center of the territory of Emarot. It was commissioned by a king who wanted the people to have a means of defending themselves against tyrannical government, and after that king was dead, was kept a secret from Theotocop. All the homes in Emarot are connected to the Treasury by tunnels which have their entrance in the cellars of the homes. The history of the People’s Treasury of Arms is expounded in more detail in the appendix to Across the Stars.

Like most of Across the Stars, I don’t know exactly where the idea for the Treasury came from. It is one of the things which was a part of the story practically from the idea stage, and so is an integral part of the story. The People’s Treasury of Arms is first mentioned in chapter three by JudyAnne Williamson, and is the title of chapter five (originally chapter four). It not only is the source of all the weapons and armor used by the Emarotians, but it is the headquarters of the Emarotian army. It was the meeting place for the resistance ever since King Jorrid took over, and where the Watsons first took their role as leaders. And it is where they met Felix Walker.

The People’s Treasury of Arms is a rather fascinating place with great importance, and, if Emoria was real, a place I would definitely want to visit.

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