Friday, July 5, 2013

R: Rabbit

Yes, a rabbit. The rabbit made its entrance into the story this way:

“A rabbit hopped nonchalantly across the clearing as if it was not strange at all for a spaceship to be there…. As Sara and Charles disappeared into the woods, the rabbit hopped up to the ramp. It sat erect for a moment, glancing this way and that. Then the rabbit darted up the ramp.”

Originally, the rabbit was just a rabbit, hopping through the clearing, when Sara and Charles were in the spaceship. My sisters thought it was strange for the rabbit to think nothing of the spaceship, so I started to wonder if there was more to the rabbit than I had at first thought. I decided that I would look out for a purpose for this rabbit, and if it didn’t have one, I would take it out. Well, the rabbit is still there. He has a purpose, though you have to look out for a specific paragraph to find out what it is. This paragraph is at the very end of chapter eleven. I did try to bring the rabbit into the end of the story, but it was awkward and disrupted the whole ending. Nevertheless, the rabbit is important, and, well, who doesn’t like a rabbit in a story?

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