Wednesday, July 10, 2013

T: Thomas Williamson

Thomas Williamson is JudyAnne’s husband and Liza and Anthony’s father. He is a farmer, and generally respected by the people of Emarot. Unlike his son, he is not rash; he is willing to wait for the right time to act rather than acting on impulse and getting himself into trouble.

Thomas is a secondary character, but important, as all the twenty-some named characters are. He helps to hold back the Emarotians from rash actions in many instances, though he does not always succeed. When the men are desperate to move, but cannot agree on what to do, it is Thomas who points out to the men that if they are not united on their purpose, they cannot hope to succeed. Though Thomas is not the bravest, most chivalrous character in the story, he is a good man, and one JudyAnne, Anthony, and Liza could not do without.


  1. Morgan, I can' t wait to read your book when it is finished

    1. Thanks, Grandma. It's actually already available. You can buy it on Amazon. Here's a link.


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