Wednesday, September 4, 2013

E: Edmund and Anne Rubin

Edmund and Anne Rubin, probably my favorite characters in The Experiment. After all, Edmund is one of my favorite names for boys. And they have special abilities I really wish I had.

Anne is the youngest Rubin, being eleven years old at the time of the story. She is the only girl, and this causes her chivalrous brothers to be very protective of her. She has an amazing memory, she is able to memorize things at a glance and she doesn't forget. I wish I had a memory like that, though it's not always a good thing. Anyway, Anne is the character I sympathize most with (despite the fact that Audrey, not Anne, is based on me). Her emotional struggles throughout the story are quite intense, she has a temper, and is very determined to save Edmund from Miss Reginald's experiments.

Edmund is twelve years old, and the third oldest of the four Rubins. He is very close to Anne; as she said, they are like twins even though she is a full year younger. Edmund has extraordinarily good senses, which means he has really good hearing, sight, etc. Being extremely nearsighted, I really wish I had eyesight as good as Edmund's. Edmund probably has the worst stuff happen to him of all the characters. Let's just say Miss Reginald's experiments are quite ruthless. I really like Edmund, and so it was just as hard for me as it was for Anne to see miss Reginald experiment on him.

Anne and Edmund's side of the story was it's own story originally, and the final version of it is a lot more like the original than the Raingolds' is. In fact, a little scene at the very end of the book with Anne and Edmund has been in my mind for an incredibly long time, possibly even from the beginning, as have a certain line, and the experiments on Edmund. I can't say much more for fear of giving away spoilers, but their story is one I love.

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