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The Destiny Trilogy Review

Since I read the whole Destiny Trilogy by Sarah Holman in about a week, it seemed appropriate to review them all at once. Here are all the reviews.
The Destiny of One
Destiny – it's a word that plagues Maria Morris. What does God want her to do with her life? Should she go to college or does God have other plans for her? When her parents go missing during a business trip, Maria embarks on a quest that will change her life forever. Trying to fight against an overbearing Milky Way Government, Maria travels to earth in search of a lost prince and some crown jewels. Her faith is tested, however, when a new law is passed. Will Maria be able to find her parents and the crown jewels before it's too late? Is she strong enough to stand up for her faith even if it means never seeing her family again? Most of all, will Maria discover her true Destiny?
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It took me a while to decide to actually buy The Destiny of One, but I don't regret doing it. It's not perfect, but I still really enjoyed it. It is obvious that Sarah got her inspiration from Star Wars, however, it didn't bother me. I liked how she was able to create a world with space travel and living on other planets that worked with a Christian worldview. There are no aliens, just people from earth who have moved to other planets, and even the plants on Corateda are from earth. I also liked how she was able to give people the ability to use a lightsaber without relying on "the Force."

My favorite character was definitely Quint. I wish he had been introduced into the story sooner. In fact, it wasn't until Maria met Quint that I really started being able to relate to Maria. The story is a bit slow getting going, it has to set up the situation and setting first, but the other books don't really have this problem. There are quite a few things in the beginning of the book that seem trivial, but turn out to have great significance. And I really wish I could have seen more of Quint. By the time I reached the end, I was anxious to know what happened next.

The Destiny of a Few
On her quest to find the crown prince, Maria Morris faces an abundance of obstacles. Now a marked Christian, it will be difficult and dangerous for her to travel. The USF follows her every move. (as the vibrating chip in her arm irritatingly reminds her.) Yet knowing all of this, Maria puts her trust in God and, with the help of a few new friends, refuses to give up her  mission. She must find the crown prince. The Destiny Of A Few depends on it.

There are a lot of typos in this book, however, I enjoyed the story enough to easily forgive this. My biggest complaint about The Destiny of a Few is that Quint is absent from the middle of the book. I liked Maria a lot more in this book, and felt like the danger element had increased. The cast of characters is larger, and introduces Winter De Wimple. She kind of annoyed me at first, as she did Maria, but I came to like her by the end. She also made me aware of how often I insert "like" into my speech where it doesn't belong, and helped me to see just how annoying it is. Then there's James. I can't say much about who he is, but I will say that I hated him at first, and now I love him. The story line of The Destiny of a Few is a lot more exciting and intriguing than The Destiny of One, and I liked it better. A wonderful continuation of the series.

The Destiny of a Galaxy
Time Has Passed…
In the three years since Maria Morris found the farmer-boy-prince, the Followers have multiplied. As Wyndemere’s empire cracks and unrest rises, the Legatee orchestrates the Rebellion.

Danger Has Not Disappeared...But Neither Has Hope.

Though the overthrow of the tyrannical regime is imminent, Maria’s role as the “woman who started it all” is not widely known. So why the foreboding of danger? Promise floats in the air. Many around her find happiness, even as the tension spirals toward a breaking point. But Maria flounders. What does Maria Morris want to do with her life? What is her destiny…now?

Rendered Powerless, Maria Must Make A Painful Choice…One That Will Alter the Future of the Galaxy


When James invites her to headquarters where Maria assumes a new role among The Followers, tragedy strikes. The enemies she had thought long gone are capable of far more than she imagined. Will she have the courage to stand for what she believes, no matter the cost? Will she have the strength to surrender her dreams when all seems lost and she can do nothing at all?

Best part: Quint is in almost the entire book. Worst part: the end is the end of the  story. The Destiny of a Galaxy is an epic ending with plenty of action, suspense, danger, and the prospect of weddings to finish it off. All the old characters are back, and though at the beginning Maria is again struggling with the old question, "What does Maria Morris want to do with her life?" I'm pretty sure she has figured it out by the end. Though at first I wanted the ending to be different (if I said in what way it would be a spoiler), I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Destiny of a Galaxy is the only one that is not told as a flashback, and I think  it is better that way. There are times when the author tries to make you think something terrible has happened, but I didn't believe for a moment it had. I didn't think she had the heart to actually do it. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Some really bad stuff happens to Maria, but I'm glad to say it is still a happy ending. All in all, I really enjoyed the Destiny Trilogy, and would definitely recommend it.

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