Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Experiment Cover and Book Trailer

Here it is at last! The long awaited (by me, at any rate) cover and book trailer for The Experiment.
Here's the cover. I originally created it with Microsoft Publisher, which actually did a fairly decent job, but then we bought Photoshop Elements, and, after much tears and frustration, I managed to recreate it in said program. Here's the back cover text:

One hundred years in the future…

America as we know it today no longer exists. Scientist Holly Reginald and President Malcolm Crowdler have hatched an evil plot to control the minds and lives of the American people. Only a few are still able to fight back.  And those few are children.

Mystery and intrigue abound in this heart-stopping adventure as the last remnant of Americans strives to stop The Experiment…before it’s too late.

Sound familiar? Well, it's the description that's been on my website since I started it, so nothing new, but now it has a cover image to go alongside it.

And now the book trailer. It was a lot of fun to make, though worrywart me had bad dreams about it turning out all wrong. However, it didn't, so enjoy! 

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