Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vannie, Kermit, Kyle, and the Subject of Marriage

As I write the sequel to Espionage, a story which greatly involves the subject of Vannie’s impending marriage, I’ve been contemplating why Vannie and Kermit are so ill suited for one another and she and Kyle are perfect for each other—aside from the fact that I wrote it that way, of course. There really are some good reasons, and not even that Kermit’s awful, because he actually isn’t. And while I haven’t really explored it yet, there’s a very strong likelihood that Kermit’s also a Christian. Therefore, being unequally yoked isn’t even an issue here

What are the reasons, then?

1. Understanding each other 

Vannie has known Kermit for her entire life. She’s known Kyle for half that. Yet I would venture to say that Kyle and Vannie know each other infinitely better than Vannie and Kermit. Why? Because they understand each other. Each knows what makes the other tick. Kyle and Vannie can predict each other, they can understand why the other behaves the way they do, they understand what drives the other in life.

Now, the fact that Vannie and Kermit don’t understand each other is largely Vannie’s fault for not giving him a chance, but even if she did, I still don’t think it would make complete sense to either of them what it is that makes the other tick. Their driving passions are oceans apart; too far for it to work.

2. Common interests 

Kermit and Vannie don’t really have any. Kyle and Vannie do. Vannie and Kyle are very interested in politics. Kermit couldn’t care less. Vannie and Kyle like animals. Kermit doesn’t. Kermit likes to draw. It just isn’t really something Vannie and Kyle do. Vannie practically inhales books. Kyle loves books as well. Kermit doesn’t really read.

It doesn’t make either party bad that they have different interests (I need to figure out more of Kermit’s interests…I just haven’t spent enough time with him yet). What it does do is give them either a lot to do together or nothing at all. Vannie’s not the type to play Charlotte Lucas and spend as little time as possible with her husband, which is what would happen should she marry Kermit. She has to have a best friend.

3. Common missions and goals 

Vannie and Kyle are always fighting in the political arena and sticking their noses where they don’t belong in order to effect justice. Kermit would be content to just be an artist. Both are necessary roles in the world, and by marrying Vannie, Kermit would be forced into the political arena, but Kermit would not be happy. He couldn’t truly work with Vannie the way Kyle does. They’d always be at odds with each other, pulling in opposite directions. Not to mention it would be disastrous for Cumberland and all of Briznom to have a disinterested representative at Court.

4. Partners in life 

At the time of Espionage’s sequel, Kyle and Vannie have been best friends for nearly nine years. Kindred spirits, they sensed a deep connection between them almost immediately. Kermit and Vannie have no connection. And for a marriage team to work, there has to be a deep connection. Kermit and Vannie could never share their deepest, darkest secrets with each other. Kyle and Vannie already do. Kermit and Vannie could never depend on each other for their lives. Kyle and Vannie already have. Kermit and Vannie could never easily work together to solve problems. Kyle and Vannie did when they barely even knew each other. It would be next to impossible for Kermit and Vannie to be partners in life. However, Kyle and Vannie are already most of the way there.

5. Working for God’s kingdom 

Even with Kermit and Vannie both being Christians, imperfect as they both are, they would have a really hard time serving God’s kingdom together. Forget working together to serve God at Court, they couldn’t even come close to presenting their marriage as a picture of Christ and the Church! They’d be fighting too much. Vannie and Kyle, however, could do much to serve God at Court, in their vassalage(s), in their own home and marriage, because though things aren’t always hunky dory between them, again, they are a team.

 There you have it: five reasons why Kyle/Vannie is a much more perfect match than Kermit/Vannie. And it’s good food for thought besides.


  1. Very good points! I've heard similar discussions over the years as I've reached my 20's. Someone once said, "If God's calling on 2 people's lives are different, don't force a relationship." (I might be thinking of The Life of Faith series...)

    1. It's hard to be a team if you're living parallel lives. Definitely an important point to think about.

  2. This was really interesting to think about!


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