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Exiles Review

Exiled after their defeat in Samara, the Resistance struggles to find allies in their quest to restore King Balen to his throne and put an end to the emperor’s tyranny. When the crete people refuse to lend their aid, Balen leads a group to Dorland to reason with them and win their support. However, enemies prove to be everywhere, and they find themselves in a fight to keep Dorland from becoming Daican’s latest conquest.

Back in Landale, the arrival of a new enemy forces Trask and Anne to tread more carefully than ever. Tensions are rising, and the enemy is determined to test Anne’s loyalty and root out the location of Trask and the Resistance once and for all.

Feeling trapped within the walls of Valcré, Prince Daniel must contend with an ever-eroding relationship with his father. As their clashes escalate, the situation becomes potentially life threatening when his loyalty is called into question. His sister seems bent on branding him a traitor and actively seeking to condemn him to the fate of those put to death in their father’s new arena. Daniel is certain his father would never execute his only son and heir, but with other forces at work, it might not be that simple.

One small misstep could prove fatal for all. 


Oh, my heart.

Ilyon keeps getting better and better. Which also means situations keep getting worse and worse for the poor characters. What pain. What sorrow. What joy. What love. My sister once called it the emotional equivalent of Expedition Everest at Disney World, and while I've never ridden it (I hate roller coasters, I refuse), I have to agree. This book is an emotional roller coaster. And it is so, so good.

Typically, when I read a book with multiple storylines, I primarily care about one of them. This was even true for previous Ilyon books. I couldn't wait for it to get back to Jace and Kyrin. This book was different. It follows three stories: Jace and Kyrin, Trask and Anne, and Prince Daniel. Every storyline is gripping. Every storyline left me wanting more when it switched to the next, but then the next pulled me in. 

How do I talk about it without spoilers? Oh dear. Well, there are going to be spoilers for previous books. If you haven't read up through Samara's Peril, stop reading now, and go buy the other books. Read them immediately. I'm serious.

Jace and Kyrin. Even though now they're officially courting, it doesn't mean the struggle is over. Jayrin is very much in love (I love those two 😊), but Jace still struggles with crippling fears. Can he be the husband Kyrin deserves? Can he be a father to their children someday? But they don't have time to sit around camp and work it out. Daican is threatening Dorland, and the cretes refuse to do anything about it. Balen leads a group to reason with the cretes, but this is a book, so things never go perfectly smoothly. They run into lots of danger, meet lots of new people, and experience life-changing discoveries.

Trask and Anne. I know Trask is popular, but as someone who never cared for Robin Hood stuff, he wasn't my favorite. I started loving Anne in Samara's Peril when she stood up to Rothas (go Anne!), but it took me until this book to really love Trask. And now that I do...Those two! Just because they stay in Landale doesn't mean they don't have plenty of issues to deal with, and plenty of danger to face. Oh, boy, do they! There are heart wrenching moments, moments where my heart was in my throat, and moments when I really wanted to punch Goler in the nose. Not everyone makes it out alive.

Prince Daniel. Things changed when Daican executed Elon. Prince Daniel is not the same young man he was. Davira's just as awful, Daican's just as awful, but Daniel is different, and people are starting to notice. Then when he's accused of being a traitor, things really go crazy. Daniel is such an interesting character, and his story is amazing. Oh my goodness, it's so good. 

There are so many twists and turns in Exiles. There's a somewhat high body count, which made me sad and glad by turns. Plot twists galore.

This book, people. Go read it.


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About the Author
Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy.

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