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Building Our Wall Part 3: The Importance of Unity

Part 1: The Wall of Jerusalem
Part 2: Defending the Wall

"If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand." --Mark 3:24-25

It is so true. A house divided will fall. I always envisioned someone taking a saw and sawing a house down the middle and watching the sawed edges crumble away. That is what happens when a house is
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divided. It crumbles away for lack of unity, and often that crumbling away gets ugly. We as Christians tend to not be very unified. We as Conservatives tend to not be very unified. And that has to change.

Ironically, the Enemy is very unified. They have an agenda which they push in every facet of culture. The scientists make their "discoveries" which "prove" evolution, global warming and whatnot (now, science cannot prove anything, but that's a whole different animal), those discoveries are taught in the schools, they are expounded as fact in the media, they are the basis of the worldview in Hollywood movies and mainstream TV shows. Gay rights activists work together to change the view of their perversion, (and yes, I'm calling it that, the Bible clearly calls it a sin), so that people from young ages view it as normal and accepted because it's taught in school and it's in movies and books and the media, and people should be allowed to "be who they are on the inside, who they were born to be" and everyone should be forced to accept it, whether it goes against their firmly held convictions or not, and even if it requires the government acting yet again outside the boundaries of the Constitution to make it happen. They actively desensitize people to the fact that abortion is murder, saying that it is only a lump of tissue and normalize it and make it a part of culture.

How did they get things the way they are? Unity. How can we take it back and bring God back into culture? Unity.

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We're fighting amongst ourselves. We don't agree on someone's strategy, so we tear them apart. We disagree on whether baptism should be done after a profession of faith or to believers' children and let it keep us from accepting one another or working together. We argue because one person's belief on what media is or isn't acceptable is more lenient or legalistic than ours. Thing is, these things shouldn't divide us. There are things we can unite on. We can unite on the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, that He died on the cross to save us from our sins and rose again so that we can be with Him forever if we believe on Him. We can unite on the fact that America is broken and if Christians don't fix it no one will. We can unite on the fact that abortion is murder and murder is wrong and we should take whatever steps we can to stop it, however long it takes to get there, just like William Wilberforce ending the slave trade in England. We can unite on the fact that homosexuality is yet another sin that is officially accepted in this nation and we should reach out to those people with love, pointing them to repentance just as we would any other sinner.

Unite on the principles, the essentials. Don't get caught up in petty fights because you have to be right. And yes, that's something I tend to struggle with myself, particularly with my sister. That doesn't mean I should, because I shouldn't. It's something we all need to work on. We are supposed to build each other up, not tear each other down. Sometimes correction is needed, yes, and there's a Biblical way of dealing with it...but it doesn't involve starting fights.

The Enemy is clever. All he has to do to win is get us to fight each other. He has to get us to isolate ourselves from the world. He has to get us to only teach what people want to hear, not what they need to hear. He has to make people afraid to stand up for what is right.

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Look at the church today. There is strife within the church, just as between people in any organized group. We often tend to separate ourselves into our little bubbles as much as possible. Guilty as charged. So many churches refuse to preach hard sermons that will step on people's toes and convict them. There's a church somewhere around my area called "The Entire Bible Baptist Church." Thus, my family and I joke that other churches must then be "Selected Parts of the Bible Baptist Church." Unfortunately, that's true for many churches. Not all, I'm blessed by a church that does teach all the Bible and preach convicting sermons, but it has been hard for us to find a church like that. And Christians are afraid to stand up. You see it everywhere, Christians mocked for standing up for their faith. And that makes more people afraid to stand up.

We can't let the lies of the Enemy get to us. We can't let him divide us over unimportant stuff. We have to work together to spread God's truth. We have to work together to tell sinners of their sin and point them to Jesus. We have to work together to save the countless lives of unborn infants. We have to learn the truth ourselves, not be afraid of turning people off by teaching about trials and tribulations. Perhaps people will leave, but it's like in the parable of the sowers, the people who wither when hard times hit were never truly believers to begin with, or they would stick with it through the difficulties. And we can't sit in our little bubbles and not get involved. We need Christians in every aspect of culture, and that means doing more than just going to church on Sunday. And we have to do it together, or we will never succeed.

To be continued: Part 4: Finding Our Vision
 Part 5: Affecting Change

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