Monday, August 26, 2019

Arranging Music

I love music. Film score, hymns, praise and worship, Broadway, Disney, baroque/classical/romantic (because I'm one of those nerds that's bothered when it's all grouped under "classical") many different things. And I love to teach music. And I like to arrange it. I'm better at arranging than I used to be. I'm not brilliant at it by any means, but it's fun. And it's fun for my students because in some cases they have special pieces created just for them.

So I want to share some of my arrangements with you. These are the ones I have on MuseScore. Now, they're supposed to be changing things so you can only download with a paid account, but as of last week, I could still download from my free account. Not sure if that's true for new accounts, though.

Captain America

This is one of my earliest arrangements. Not my first, that was a Chronicles of Narnia medley I did with Finale Notepad (Finale is a nightmare). I wanted to play the Captain America theme on violin, but I quickly discovered I didn't have the range to do it right. So I put together an arrangement for violin and cello to play with my sister.

Captain America by authormorganh

Hymns Medley

This was a recital piece I arranged for a violin student. She chose the hymns, I put them together. I got some ideas on harmony from our hymnal, but obviously it required adaptation to work for violin. We performed the duet in 2017.

Hymns Medley by authormorganh

And here's our performance.

The Hunger Games Suite

I hatched this idea last December, listening to the Mockingjay soundtrack while writing Acktorek. I thought about creating an accurate arrangement of "The Hanging Tree" since I'm not satisfied with any I've found, and then it kind of exploded. I got my sisters and a student/honorary lil sis on board and put together the medley for our 2019 recital. "The Hanging Tree" and "Deep in the Meadow" were arranged entirely by ear, the rest adapted from piano arrangements+adding/adjusting things I heard in the soundtrack to make it more accurate.

The Hunger Games Suite by authormorganh

Our performance.

The Light They Need

This was purely because I wanted to. I fell in love with this song before we even got to season 4 of The Flash, and I just had to transcribe it so I could play it. I just finished about a week and a half ago. It's from the episode "Run, Iris, Run." And this one is entirely by ear because apparently no one else thought to arrange it.

The Light They Need by authormorganh

And a video. I apologize for the grainy quality—the lighting in the music room isn't particularly good.

This isn't obviously everything I've ever arranged, but MuseScore only lets you upload up to 5 scores on a free account. I've got one slot left, so I've got to be choosy. I hope you enjoy these songs!

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