Monday, June 3, 2013

A: Anthony Williamson

As I prepare to release Across the Stars, I have decided to promote it by posting A-Z posts about the characters, places, and events involved in the story. It will also provide a way for me to share information about the writing of this book.

Anthony Williamson is one of my three secondary main characters. When I wrote Across the Stars, it was a single narrative about the Watson children, who I will write about later. After my mom read it, I added three sub stories which helped to fill out the story and explain the history of the planet.

Anthony is twelve at the beginning of his part of the story, but rapidly grows up throughout the chapters he is featured in. He is rather rash and at times disrespectful to his parents, but he has an older sister, Liza, who is always pointing him back to the right path. Unfortunately, Liza cannot always save him from consequences and he eventually learns the hard way what problems his rashness can cause.

Anthony's part of the story was originally going to be about his mother JudyAnne, but as soon as he entered into the story, I knew it had to be about him instead of his mother. I'm not particularly fond of the name Anthony, but it was the first one I thought of when I was naming JudyAnne's son, and it stuck. Anthony's story highlights the tyranny King Jorrid exercises over the territory of Emarot. When I wrote Anthony's story, I actually went through the American Declaration of Independence, picked out the grievances I wanted to apply to Emoria, and wrote about them happening from Anthony's point of view. Not all the grievances I chose ended up being incorporated, but many of them were.

Anthony Williamson is a very flawed character, but one I love nevertheless, and one I can't wait to share.

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